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Thien Hai Company


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Product Description


Business name: Thien Hai Construction Trading LTD

Profit Guarantee : 0.2%-0.7% daily(Monday to Friday ,check Current profit in second market)

Start pay dividend after 30 Days Left or sold out more than 50% and after this time share will sell for our partner or cancel . Investor only can buy in second market.

Business license: 0312068155 – Date of issue: 11/27/2012

Date of activity: 03/12/2012

Username in CECVN: Tony

CEO: Bui Khong Thien Chuong

Phone: (only share hold) – Fax: (only share hold)

Address : 59/9 street 46, Block 6, Hiep Binh Chanh Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC

What we do ?

– Real Estate;
– Business service real estate brokerage, valuation, trading floor, real estate ads;
– Consulting and management of real estate;
– Develop business and the civil engineering, industrial, transportation, irrigation, electricity, water supply, industrial zones, export processing zones, amusement parks, sporting and cultural areas;
– Develop and hotel business, housing, office work (not including karaoke, discos, bars);
– Develop business and luxury resorts;
– Construction and installation of civil works, industrial, transportation, irrigation, electricity, interior decoration, garden and ornamental plants;
– Installation and operation of gas supply systems, gas trading;
– Structural design of civil and industrial;
– Planning, architectural design work;
– Design interior of civil buildings and industrial;
– Supervision of civil works and industrial building sector and completion;
– Purchase and installation of equipment for the construction work;
– Purchase, construction and installation of elevators and lifting equipment;
– Manufacturing and trading of building materials, furniture and equipment;
– Supermarket, senior sales;
– Business Golf and ancillary services;
– Organizing conferences, seminars and organize cultural programs – art;
– Inbound travel, international travel and services for tourists (not including karaoke, discos, bars);
– Services for the import consignment;
– Agents purchase, sales agents, consignment;
– Import and export directly to the product, commodity trading company

Why we need fund ?

-we need money to expand the construction of real estate purchases in Ho Chi Minh City area. The ambition of our company to become a major real estate corporation

business license:

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