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Start price per share : 500$

Earnings weekly :3.5% -6% .(check current profit at second market)

After 12 month investor can request us help to buy back your share , after 2 week we will complete buy back your share with start price ( 500$/ 1 share)  and you can withdraw your money.


About the Stock

Securities are creating is attractive to young people of Vietnam
Was established and the first trading day since 2000, but have since late 2006, the securities trading activities in Vietnam exciting new, and is widely known, especially in cities such as Hanoi and HCMC. Ho Chi Minh. But so far, the total transaction accounts in Vietnam and account for less than 2 million, ie less than 3% of the population, a percentage too low if compared to China more than 10% in 2006 (150 million financing Clause / 1.3 billion). That shows the popularity of the stock in Vietnam’s economy is still low, and still is something quite new for the majority of the people of Vietnam. Thus could see growth potential in the future of the industry is still huge, especially charm profitability, market transparency and legality are excellent days to go along with the efforts of the agency management here is the Ministry of Finance and the State Securities Commission.
The concept of stocks and shares in Vietnam
Basically the current stock in Vietnam consists of 3 main areas: stocks, bonds and fund certificates. Of these bonds mainly because the banks and Financial Institutions, the fund management company concerned; Fund certificates, some organizations are not in the financial sector and ultimately of interest shares, the type of society is of current interest, from every object components in the economy and also for this website whom want to. So what are stocks?
Shares can be understood as a particular commodity can be traded – the ownership of shares in a joint-stock enterprise. For example, the Third Corporation (Ticker: DTA) in the real estate sector are listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange. Ho Chi Minh (HOSE) with a charter capital of VND100 billion, according to the provisions of par value is listed as 10,000 VND / share, both companies will have 10 million shares, if you own 10,000 shares, total value you possess will be 100 million, ie 0.1% stake accounting for DTA and entirely on the number of shares that can be traded on the HOSE.
Structure Vietnam stock market today

why we need a big fund 

we are a team with long time trade in stock market Viet Nam and now is a best time for make money at Viet Nam market. We have experience for this market , who want to earn some profit with our team can invest with us and we will manager fund for best profit .


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