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Profit Guarantee : 0.5%-3% weekly.

Investor can sell back share for us anytime .

Facility name : Hoang Thinh Phat

Career: Manufacture and sale of recycled plastic particles

Starting business: May 2013

Email: nhuahoangthinhphat@gmail.com

Address : B11 / 19 – Tan Tuc Town – Binh Chanh – HCMC

Phone: 84911482848 ( Mr Huy) ,841286042870 (Mr Hoang)


Scale plant and machinery
– Total factory area: 1500 square meters
– 1 workshop containing machinery
– 1 Storehouse of clean scrap
– 1 small 2 room house to stay
– 1 15 horsepower machine minced, 1 cutter and 1 machine ó colloidal particles.
– Maximum output: 700kg / 24 hour (2 cases) or 21 tons / month.
– Production of reality: an average of 12 tons / month
Commodity production
Currently we focused producing LDPE film plastic beads (used to blow bag) for high-demand markets and stable output

1.Industrial coatings imported from Australia each times about 2 container, weight of about 40 tons. Buying from one company to import scrap. Goods are transported directly to the factory to produce.
2. Araton from Germany bought from traders in Le Minh Xuan Industrial Zone.

Output products:

1.At this moment Plastic particles after production is sold to many individuals in Vinh Loc, purchase unlimited.

2. The company produces plastic bag Independent (Hung Long Street, Phu Tay).

3.Companies zipper Hand Vietnam (Vo Nguyen Giap, Dong Nai).

Profit :

1 ton of plastic beads around 4 million VND( 100 USD) profit (before deduction of utility costs, labor, wastage, transportation). Each month basis grossed 48 million VND(2400 USD) alone produce section. The net profit of 20 million VND Games (1000 USD) per month.
Due to erratic price fluctuations plastic and closely dependent on the situation on the world oil price .co Our facility also earn extra income by purchasing plastic scraps and plastic resins from other places for storing and selling market when prices rise.

Why we need fund


The big plastic companies now mostly buying plastic beads before, only pay 30%, after playback, new pay and minimum output for the business acquisition is a manufacturer of plastic resins have stable output set of 50 tons / month or more.

Our base at the capital, old machinery, not much additional production should not be bought or sold as aforesaid. Must accept plastic beads sell at a cheaper price for the procurement market and to get money immediately to continue production.

For example, now we sell to Mr. A, he is both a manufacturer of both the purchasing and the basis of his one-month supply of about 90 tonnes mayor. He has a contract to supply the company of plastic injection and we did not. Plastic grain is 23.500VND / kg, we sold him for 23,000VND / kg but in return you pay to us immediately.

However, due to low yields should be no more proceeds, minus the cost of utilities, labor and personal life is our monthly balance is not how, but machines are worn out from time Time

We hope to have the capital to buy more machines ó 105 li to glue, old machine cost is about 120 million VND (6000 USD), the output range of 1.5 tons / day, plus the current machine in the factory and the plastic resins procurement there enough resources to deal with large companies. Also need to buy more machines minced 6 inches.


– Buy 1 ó glue machine 105 li: 120 million VND (6000 USD)
– Buy 1 minced 6 inch machine: 40 million VND (2000 USD)
– Buy 1 container 16 tonnes of scrap clean PE 99/1 categories: 300 million VND (15000 USD)
– Costs incurred provision: 60 million VND (3000 USD)

– With get profit of this project after fund more thang 20% fund

– Dividend will not lower than 1,5% per month and can increase up to 10%,20% … if business good

– Check profit of this project last month or exchange share ( sell/buy) on second market




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