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Project start at :Apr 30, 2015 .

Price per share : 10$

Roi is minimum 1% and can up to 5% weekly not fixed


This is a life project born out of the desire to have a corporate body oversee all investments on this platform . CECVN Limited through its legal team has initiated the . The license once granted shall give Cecvn Limited an additional legal status to list and fund projects in Viet Nam . Once license is granted, Cecvn Limited primary activities shall be Funds Management , Equipment leasing , Project Financing, LPO Financing, Financial Consultancy, Debt Administration and GUARANTEE project with 100% of the capital of platform. Dividend from company earning from Commission of project on this platform , make a new payment system CEPay and ecommerce in Viet Nam. Dividend this project minimum is 1%/share each month, and will grown up if platform have much project succeed.We are a branch of company CECVN LIMITED in Viet Nam for verify and manager all project in Viet Nam

Info about this Branch :

M floor ,An Phu Plaza, 117-119 Ly Chinh Thang Street, 7 Ward, Ho Chi Minh, District 3, 700000, VIET NAM
is the registered holder of 100000 ORDINARY shares of GBP1.00 each in the above-named Company,
subject to the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the said Company. This certificate is
executed by the Company in accordance with the Companies Act 2006.


Memorandum & Articles






    good project



    Hi all , all new investor register a account will be get 1 share for free . Investor can keep for get earning or sell in second market (this option will ready soon)



    Thank Admin, this project is so great!



    Dear all investor . New investor can get 1 free share of this project till end 5th May



    Hi all , great news for this project , dividend will increase to 4% , investor can check in your dashboard



    Why this project is out of stock when it’s only get 61% funded ?



      because BOs don’t want sell more , you can buy in second martket it have price about $9 per share



    Please explain to me this project only “0.08% Guaranteed” ??
    Meanwhile, other projects “100% Guaranteed”.
    I don’t understand this point.

    Thank you admin so much !!



      it mean if project faile we will buy back all share



    admin cho mình hỏi, dự án này còn mua share được nữa không?nếu mình mua hôm nay và 30 ngày sau mình có việc cần vốn muốn bán thì mình bán lại cho ai? bán trong thời gian bao lâu vậy admin?



    Add cho hoi. Minh muon mua sao khong dc vay.

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