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[Boss Project]

Project start: 16/12 /2016

First receive dividend at 23/12/2016

Business owner: Willsky258 have 7000 shares

Contact Facebook owner: Dao Viet Dung and Vô Tình

 Earnings weekly : 0.32$ per share for the 1st cycle – FIXED at 0.30$ per share from 2nd cycle.(More  Project  second market)

– This project from another Business owner not belong to CECVN, and was guanteed with his share in CECVN, investor can only buy from him in second market with market price.

– CECVN will guarantee Min profit for this project 100%, in any case profit of this project is never low than 0.15$ per week because it was guaranteed by asset of Business owner in our platform.

NOTICE: if Boss not pay or project failed CECVN only pay min ROI (0.15$/1 share) no support anything.


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