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Earnings weekly :2,5% -5% .(check current profit at second market)

After 8 month investor can sell back share to us with start price (10$/1 share) or still keep share for get profit.


-Today I introduce to you the project Forex – Auto Trade Robot.

So What is Forex? Forex is the foreign exchange market / forex, often written as FOREX or FX, profits generated through the difference between the exchange rate of the currency pair.
For example: EUR / USD or GBP / JPY. You learn more on the Internet to learn about the mechanisms and the development history of the FX.
– The form of this project is to introduce yourself to rent ROBOT FOREX trading account, so ROBOT is what? ie referred to as an application is players gain experience and programming should ROBOT well as regularly updated to suit the market, current trustee companies which also form by ROBOT TRADE, rates Safety also achieved at 5% -10% depending on investment, however, investors’ capital is not guaranteed, they will support a small part taking risks with your account. Odds are very low TRADE hand than the losers. ROBOT TRADE Information about you can learn more on the Internet, I would say this TOPIC most concise.
– Advantages when the Robot to account TRADE FOREX:
+ The ratio higher self TRADE winning hand.
+ Rate Account fire almost very low, because the programmers have direct supervision ROBOT during the ROBOT run.
+ Ensure the medium and long-term interest.
– Defect:
+ Lower earnings compared with manually TRADE.
– Profit from the project: (profit before subtracting the Robot fees, rental fees of 50% of profit ROBOT)
– Time runs from the 2nd to the 6th weekly, satuday and Sunday no trading.
Note: this is only an estimated because no fixed rates depending on the market, such as the days of big changes and turn halt transactions to ensure the safety of your account. Stop trading is not profitable.

– The purpose gathering invested:
+ Create a first account to party for the Robot easy to manage.
+ High capital are more profitable, safe levels much better deals.
+ Together support and discussion.




    earning will upto 1% daily if full 20000 ,after 8 month can change about 0.6 -1% daily depend result trading



    very good



    earning will upto 1% daily if full 20000 ,after 8 month can change about 0.6 -1% daily depend result trading . Plz Net daily is 0.5% . Why change rule soon.



    please see 5% weekly , it is like 1% daily from monday to friday



    this week project will change profit reduced to 0.35$ per week

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