How does funding work?

Each Entrepreneur creates an online Pitch explaining their business and what they aim to achieve with the investment. The Pitch will include 2 key numbers:
1. The Target Amount: the total amount of money they wish to raise and invest in the business
2. The equity offered and the percentage share of the business they are offering in return for raising the Target Amount
Entrepreneurs then promote their Pitch to potential Investors. Investors then invest money in the Pitch investments accumulate until the Target Amount is reached.
The minimum investment is just $10 but investors can of course invest larger sums.

When can i get dividend ?

Dividend will pay in end the month for all project . If i buy 1 share in second market or main market at 28 june , 30th june dividend will come in my balance . Note : Dividend will be paid at 16 pm ,(GMT +7) day end month , if your share still sell in second market you will not receive dividend.

How to earn ?

CECVN offers 3 ways how you can make money online:
•Invest into a project
•Trade shares on second market
•Join an affiliate network and promote the projects offered by the company

How to become an affiliate?

To become an affiliate you should join the Affiliate program that gives you an exclusive opportunity to earn 5% commission every time your referrals get dividend from project.

Is this legal ?

Investments at CECVN are carried out through the means of investment contracts between the business owners and the company which generates pool from investors. These contracts grant rights to investors that are contractual by their nature (such as to receive interest or to sell them to other investors). Since they are not securities participation of broker dealers is not required by law in order to render them legal and binding. Therefore, the activity of crowdfunding is legal by virtue of exercising investor.s freedom to enter into private contracts with businesses on the terms which both of them see fit.CECVN will become shareholders of small companies and will manage all business of them.

What is guarantee projects ?

The projects managed by the CECVN and owns 100% of the shares. For Equity CECVN project will ensure profitability not less than 1% per month. for project [mini bonds] if project faile CECVN will buy back in second market with start price.

How many type project are there in your website ?

We have 2 type project in our website .
-Type Equity : ROI not FIXED depending on company profits and don’t have Investment period .
-Type Mini Bonds : ROI FIXED and have investment period . When project end investment period you will receive your invested amount back.

 Any fees for add fund ?

Only with paypal is 10% . Example : you deposit 100$ you only get 90$ in account balance